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Because of either not getting the email OR getting all kinds of spam - I am not asking customers to post their questions on the ClipArt Designs Facebook page IF you have a problem with your order - please visit the ClipArt Designs and send me a private message. Please do not post your order number, order information, payment information or even account/personal information on the Facebook wall. Thanks :)

If you are inquiring about a purchase/order - please provide as much information as possible so we can research your purchase before responding. Please allow up to 1 business day (Monday-Friday) to respond to your email. Thank you. :)

If you are contacting us about ...

  • Where are my downloads? I placed an order and I did not get an email with my downloads.
    Please read Digital Delivery Information page first to see if that helps.
  • When do the downloads expire? How long do I have to download my purchases?
    Downloads are set up to expire after you have downloaded them 5 times. So, there really is no time frame (like 7 or 30 days). After you have downloaded a link 5 times then it will be deactivated and you will not be able to download them again.
  • Can you reset my downloads? Do you charge for this service?
    I can reset the downloads up to 30 days after you have purchased your products. I do not charge for requests that are made under 30 days. Any request that is for products that are purchased more then 30 days ago will require a $5.00 re-instatement fee. Why am I charging $5.00? Because more then likely I may have to email them directly to you and that takes a lot of time and resources. Please make sure you backup your computer on a regular basis and make hard copies (burn them on discs or put them on external hard drives as backup).
  • My files say they are corrupt or empty. Why would you give me corrupt files or empty packages? I want my money back.
    I am sorry for the inconvenience. There is actually an easy way to solve this problem. Completely delete the corrupt/empty package from your computer. Don't just move it to your trash can. I mean completely delete it (move it to your trash can and then empty your trash can). Then re-download the package. If you have deleted the package and then re-downloaded the package and you are still getting a corrupt message - then ask yourself - did I completely delete the first package or am I just re-downloading the package? Because if you just re-download the package - you will continue to get a corrupt/empty message over and over. Now, if you did completely delete it and then re-downloaded the package - then wait a few minutes (like maybe up to 10 minutes) to re-download the package. Why does this happen? Normally there is a hiccup in the internet and communications between my website and your computer. It does not mean there is something wrong with my website or something wrong with your computer - it just means that there is a hiccup/bump in the road and the internet needs to work it out. For example - like when you are watching cable tv and it all of suddens pixelates or buffers and then you have perfect picture again. That is a problem with the communication and it normally works itself out. This happens to me a lot when I am shopping for digital downloads because I have extreme high speed internet - so my internet sometimes works faster then my computer. I delete the package - re-download and normally it fixes it. But, sometimes I have to wait a few minutes and then it works itself out. Now, just to let you know - I have been in business since 2008 (with MarloDee Designs) and I do not sell empty packages or corrupt packages. This also does not mean the packages are filled with viruses. Your shopping is safe here.
  • Do you accept any other form of payment other then Paypal? I do not have a Paypal account.
    Paypal is my payment method at this time. NOW - You can actually process your credit card(or debit card) through Paypal without having a Paypal account or have to open a Paypal account. It is actually very easy and yes - you do not have to sign up for Paypal to do this. When you order products - complete the 3 step checkout process. Then select the blue Confirm button. You will then be directed to the Paypal website. Then select - Pay with debit or credit card, or Paypal credit. Enter your payment information (make sure you enter the BILLING information for that card) and then select Pay. Paypal will process your credit card for payment. I MAY be able to accept Bitcoin for payment. Please contact me BEFORE you place your order
  • I downloaded the packages - now how do I get the graphics from the package?
    Make sure you are unzipping the packages first. You need to use an extraction program (like Winzip) that will unzip the package. Do not select "open" because it could cause the files to become damaged. Once you unzip the package - you will then see the graphics you purchased.
  • How do I use these graphics? What do I do with what I purchased?
    You should have some idea on how to use graphics/clip art before you purchase them. There are a lot of blogs, YouTube videos and website out there that offer advice on how to use clip art/graphics or to make craft items. Try and research the project or method you are wanting to use the graphics. I do not offer instructions or how-to's with any of the products on this website.
  • Do I have to have a specific/certain kind of software to use these products?
    No - some people like to purchase clip art/graphics and then print them directly. Or others like to use them on websites like Zazzle or Cafepress that offer editors of their own where you can layer items to create your design. Even the free Paint program that comes with most PC's will work.
  • I can't use these graphics. This is not what I thought it was. I changed my mind. Will you give me a refund?
    I am sorry but because of the type of product and nature of the business - I do not offer refunds. If you have a problem or are unhappy - contact me anyway and I will see if I can help.
  • I lost my password. I can't login to my account. Can you help?
    You can actually request a new password via the website. Just go to the Log In page and select the Forgot Password option. I can not tell you what your password is or was. It is encrypted in the database once you create it. This is to protect your information. If you still need help - then contact me and I will see what I can do.
  • Do you do custom orders?
    Thank you for asking, but no I am not accepting any custom orders at this time.
  • What happened to MarloDee Designs? Why does marlodeedesigns.com come to this website?
    I closed the website that was marlodeedesigns.com in Spring of 2015 and opened Clip Art Designs. Since I still have the domain name of marlodeedesigns.com - I decided for the time being to direct to this website which is my new website. I do plan on re-opening MarloDee Designs later this year, but that store will only offer products from MarloDee Designs. When MarloDee Designs was opened and I was offering graphics of my own along with many other artists, customers were getting too confused and giving credit to MarloDee Designs for every clip art and graphic that was sold - instead of crediting the right artists. So, my idea was to offer the clip art in a neutral setting where the artists would shine and not MarloDee Designs name.
  • When I open the graphics in my software program - they have a black background. What is this?
    Two things could be going on here. One - did you copy and paste the graphic from the folder in to your software program (like Microsoft Word. If you did copy and paste the graphic - you will need to actually select open from your software and open the graphic. That should solve the problem. If it doesn't - then you might have to convert the .png file to a .jpg file (you can do this your free Paint program) and then copy and paste it into your document. Two - does your software support/open/allow you to use/edit .png files? If you are not sure - look up the information for your software and see what files it supports. If you do not see .png in their file listing - then more then likely it does not support .png files. You will then have to convert the .png files to .jpg files. I can't offer technically support to do this because I do not know how to use every software program out there. I would suggest contacting the support for the software (or look in their support forums/questions and answers) to see if they can tell how to do it. Or, research it on the internet to see if anyone has a blog or website with information on how to convert .png's to .jpg's.
  • What are your terms of use policies?
    Each item has the terms of use policies listed in the product information. There are a handful of artists that have specific terms of use policies - like Moonbeam1212, Cheryl Seslar and Digi My World that have specific terms of what you can and can't do. Cheryl Seslar requires additional licensing ONLY if you are planning on selling digital products on a website you don't own or operate. Again, read the listings and it will answer your questions.

  • If you don't see the answer above or still have questions ... then fill out the form below. Now - again remember - I am in the CST time zone in the United States. So, you need to allow me time to answer your email. And please give me 1 day to respond. :)

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